July 30th update concerning the 2020 Michigan Mead Cup

Well, the post I was dreading writing must be written. The COVID-19 numbers are going in the wrong direction as of this date and it doesn't seem that safety will return before October. We have looked at all the options, including a smaller competition with fewer judges in a large setting, 'virtual judging', everything we could think of, even some pretty wacky options. Any in-person judging seems to be too much of a risk (because it involves way more than just judges!) and virtual judging (in my opinion only) will not provide the high quality feedback and results owed to the entrants. As a result, the Michigan Mead Cup will not occur in 2020, but rather will return in 2021. Our date, tentatively, is October 16, 2021. Please stay tuned as we work out schedules, dates, and timelines.

Most of all, be safe and stay healthy for more mead making, mead competition, and the enjoyment of all things mead. See you in 2021!

In the event you want feedback on the mead you planned on entering, please PM this site directly. It won't be anonymously judged or considered for any awards or accolades, but it will be judged with quality feedback by Grand Master + BJCP and Mead judges.

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